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Educating and training everyone who wants to understand how to efficiently and effectively use their bodies and minds to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle, while improving their athletic performance.
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Messiah Soccer Champions

EXSP has served as a training facility for the Messiah Women’s & Men’s Soccer Teams.  Messiah Women’s  just took their fourth win as National Champions, and the Men’s team just took their fifth win in the past 6 years!  View powerful individuals and teams on our EXSP Nation Page.
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Coach Brix

Coach Brix has been helping athletes unleash their potential for the past 15 years in strength, power, speed, explosion and deceleration. Coach Brix is passionate about helping youth athletes not only excel in the athletic arena but also in life.  

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Attention Female Athletes

Do you know that you have a 9x higher risk of tearing your ACL than male athletes?

Learn about this and more at our upcoming workshops geared specifically for Female Athletes!

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Your Opinion Matters

Do you have a child who is an athlete? We would love to hear from you on some questions regarding their athletic needs.

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