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CFA Combine

The Results Are In! Our CFA Combine held on November 17th was a great success. Here are the stats….


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40 Yd. Dash 10 Yd. Dash Pro Agility Medicine Ball Toss Broad Jump
Joelen Thompson 5.04/4.89 1.72/1.72 4.38/4.54 29’1/31’1 7’9/8’3
Hunter Briner 5.31/5.21 1.89/1.85 4.75/4.75 27’4/29’9 7’8/7’5
Colin Quigley 5.53/5.52 1.79/1.78 4.81/5.38 22’8/24’4 7’6/7’7
Sincere Jackson 5.09/4.96 1.69/1.81 4.72/4.78 28’9/31’1 8′/8′
Matthew Danner 6/5.91 1.97/1.91 4.93/4.97 22’6/22′ 6’3/6’6
Balie Krall 5.59/5.52 1.75/1.81 4.94/4.81 20’3/21’8 6’10
Alexander Lantz 5.63/5.72 1.91/1.93 4.88/4.85 16’7/18’8 6’9/6’11
Collin Bouder 5.34/5.25 1.72/1.72 5.09/5.1 18’3/19’6 6’9/7’1
John Searer 6.38/6.31 2.12/2.06 5.41/5.93 17’6/18’8 5’10/5’11
Andy Seymour 5.4/5.42 1.72/1.76 4.88/4.87 20′/23’5 7’8/7’11
Payton Phillips 5.47/5.41 1.78/1.79 4.72/4.97 21’9/21′ 6’4/6’7
Zion Patterson 5.44/5.59 1.81/1.85 4.87/4.72 24′/22’6 7’1/6’9


PeeWee / Smurf:

10 Yd. Dash 40 Yd. Dash Pro Agility Medicine Ball Toss Broad Jump
Jaden O’Brien 1.81/1.59 7.75/5.78 5.81/5.63 12’5/11’1 5’6/5’5
Zeb Kalb 2.04/1.79 6.6/6.18 6/5.85 9’10 4’8
Zander Zeiders 1.97/1.91 6.35/6.25 5.72/5.72 11’5/10’1 4’9/4’11
Owen Wiener 2.55/1.97 7.22/7.12 6.06/6.25 12’5/11’1 4’6/4’3
Nasir Howell 2.16/2 7.32/7.60 6.1/6.19 13’0/13′ 4’7/5’5
Jovaugn Stouffer 1.81/1.72 5.95/5.78 5.57/5.41 9’8/8’2 5’10/5’5
Sage Thomas 2.04/1.97 7.35/7.28 5.75/5.69 10’6/10’10 5’1
Darin Gulibon 2.03/2.01 7/7.1 6.16/6.25 11’6/12’8 4’0
Gavin Garlinger 2.25/2.06 7.45/7.41 6.56/6.28 12’5/11’7 3’6/3’5
Zachary Zeiders 1.94/1.94 6.7/6.6 5.75/5.47 11’11/13’4 5′/5’2
Kevin Lusk 2.12/1.9 7/6.46 5.53/5.54 15’10/15’3 4’9/4’10



40 Yd. Dash 10 Yd. Dash Pro Agility Medicine Ball Toss Broad Jump
Austin Fleegal 6.53/6.5 2.01/1.94 5.5/5.44 14’5/17’6 5’6/5’6
Robert Oliver 6.12/6.1 1.95/1.81 5.47/5.57 16’9/13’8 6’2/6’4
Ty Knopp 5.88/5.47 1.82/1.62 4.88/4.9 16’11/20’1 6’9/7
Alec Diehl 7.82/7.41 2.36/2.32 6.28/6.25 12’5/15’7 4’4/4’5
Adam Burkart 6.85/5.5 1.56/1.51 5.13/5.25 22’7/24’5 6’1/6’5
Quinten Slaseman 7.23/7.2 2.10/2 6.15/6.22 8’10/10′ 4’5/3’10
Chase Diehl 6.38/6.09 1.78/1.71 5.41/5.69 18’6/20’8 6’1/6’3
Willie Martin 6.42/6.25 1.94/1.74 5/5.16 19’3/18’9 5’11/5’8
Jequest Rexoth 6.31/6.03
Tae Monmckey 5.92/5.53
Robby Farr 7.23/7.23 2.08/2.16 6.12/6.25 4’8/4’8

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