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” I began at ESP back in 2008, that was 5 years ago, and now all the hard work put in has started to pay off. With the help of Dave, Andrew and all of the other staff, I have evolved both physically and mentally into a young man. Dave has put together outstanding workouts for me to improve every physical aspect that I need to play hockey.

His wonderful creation of exercises that focused on my specific sport and body movements, has really excelled my play on the ice. Dave not only is a great physical trainer, but also gave me a mentality that I think is special. The mentality of hard work, dedication, drive, and heart are among the few, that helped turn me into a leader on and off the ice.

I have been playing for the Jr Flyers the past 6 years and decided to take my game to the next level and tryout for the Boston Jr Bruins 18u team as a 15 year old. Boston’s program is the premiere hockey program on the East Coast, and I made the team. Without Dave’s training over the years, I would have never been able to make this team. Without a doubt I would recommend Dave and his staff at ESP to anyone out there. No matter what sport you play, Dave will find a way to make you more successful. Even if you don’t play a sport and just want to be in shape, they can make that happen as well. I thank all of the staff for their help. “

Tyler Demyan
Boston Jr. Bruins 18U

“I can say that I would not have had the opportunity to play in the NFL without the help and unique training style of Dave at ESP. The techniques in training were the biggest part because at my pro-day, there were guys that were more athleticly gifted but I still had better times. The specifics and breaking down parts of the drills helped me get better times that I thought I could get. The training on explosion and the hard work are essential to getting to where you want to be. I wasn’t used to this type of training so I saw results quickly. With the hard work you put in and the push from Dave and Andrew you will see results.

By putting in the work and listening to what Dave teaches, I believe that anyone can get done what they think they can. I will be using their training style for the rest of my career because it gets the job done.”

Lucas Cox
Georgia Tech Football Player
Atlanta Falcon

“I have been a member to ESP for four years and I can not think of any gym or work out facility
I would rather be at.”

Kyle Fogarty
Lacrosse Player
Central Dauphin High School

“Dave and everyone at ESP have been THE major part of my training since my 10th grade year.”

Jordan Mitchell
Wide Receiver
Richmond University



“I was looking for something to help my son grow as an athlete and as a person and was recommended to go see Dave and his staff at ESP.”

Dan Bowman
Father of Koby Bowman

“ESP is a great gym and has helped me improve tremendously”

Derek Bowman
Lacrosse Player
Central Dauphin

“I have been attending ESP since my senior year of high school going into college. ESP helped me prepare for the transition from high school to college. It made me “Bigger”, “Stronger”, and “Faster” and I was one of the most prepared my incoming freshman in my class. Now in my pro career ESP has kept me in shape and brings the best out of me each off-season. If you want to Unleash your full potential I will highly recommend ESP because it has helped me and still is helping me unleash my potential.”

Danny Lansanah
Green Bay Packer/Detriot Lions

“Dave and the trainers at ESP have been a signifcant part of the last 5 years of my life. As an 8th grade student-athlete trying to start for the Central Dauphin Varisty football team, ESP got me into the shape I needed to be in as a 14 year old kid. My sophmore year Dave helped me specifically with combine training, which led to many MVP awards including Nike’s State College Camp Top OL award.

The summer following I got my first offer from PITT. During the summer before my junior season I trained with Dave 5 days a week. After a successful junior year, I had received 5 scholarship offers from BCS schools. ESP gives you the undeniable edge on your opponent not only physically but also mentally.”

Artie Rowell
University of Pittsburgh

“ESP has changed and helped my life in several ways. I didn’t believe half of the stuff I heard about ESP because I figured it was the same as lifting with any other trainer. This isn’t the case at all. Dave and the rest of the trainers at ESP push you to unleash your potential and show you that they care about you. At ESP, it is not all able putting up heavy weight or being the strongest guy. They help you incresase your strengths and abilities for your exact sport.

I am attending and playing football for Coastal Carolina University in the fall. Thanks to ESP I will be able to unleash my full potential now and stand out above the rest. Showing faith and believing in someone means alot to me because I have been doubted alot in my life and with faith and hope I have been able to climb and look past these obstacles. No matter how bad my day is going and what anyone tells me when I leave ESP after a hard work out, Dave gives you a hug when you soaked in sweat. It lets you know this person believes in you and wants to make you better. The little things like that are what makes it too hard to quit. I want to thank Dave, Andrew, and the rest of the ESP staff for believing in me and pushing me to be a better athlete and man. I can finally unleash my full potential in life.”

Mark Bechtel
Coastal Carolina

“I am currently a football player at Lehigh University. I have been training at ESP since my eighth grade year at Holy Name. Since then and to this point Dave and his staff on the field through speed, strength, and work ethic. They have given me the tools needed to reach my full potential. But, most importantly what Dave Brixius and ESP has made me into a better person and a better man through their collection action and guidence.”

Ryan Kuntz
Lehigh University

“ESP does an excellent job integrating explosiveness which is essential in all sports. Along with quality instructions we are able to get the most out of our talents. I would suggest ESP to any athlete aspiring to play at the next level.”

Sam Nott
Mt. St. Mary’s Baseball

“I have been attending ESP regularly for over a year. I headr about ESP from friends. They told me I will get stronger and faster. That was no lie. When I started going, I was weaker than I thought. In a matter of a month I saw huge improvements.

If your are an athlete, there is nothing that can help you more than ESP. By going to ESP I can jump higher, run faster, lift more, and I became more balanced. ESP is for someone interested in becoming a better performer in their sport, not someone trying to gain muscle and become slow. I came to ESP because I felt I needed to be more physically superior on the lacrosse field and I needed more stength in the pool. Now in lacrosse I can run past people, run through people, play lockdown defense, and I never get pushed around. this past summer I attended a recruiting camp and tournments for lacrosse. I am now receiving letters from college coaches wanting me to play for their team. They were impressed by my size and my speed. I have ESP to thank for that.

I believe you need two things to become a dominant athlete: a great work ethic and great training. I guarantee that ESP can offer you that great training, and as long as you have the work ethic you will see impressive results.”

Matt Gillespie
Lacrosse and Swim

“I work for the Commonwealth of PA and I have been training in Mixed Martial Arts since I was 17 years olds. Because of the many different types of martial arts that I did, I had to train using many different types of exercise methods. I am now 36 years old and no training that I have done has compared to the intense, effective, and fun training that I receive from Dave Brixius at Explosive Sports Performance.

I originally came to ESP because my friend and teammate, Scott Cook, kept telling and showing the results of his training there. I figured that I would check it out and maybe go once a week to supplement my current martial arts and weight lifting routine. After one training session, I signed up and go to ESP more than any other training center that I belong to.”

Chan Williams
Mixed Martial Arts

“My daughter, Andrea, began going to Dave about three years ago. During that time, she suffered two ACL tears and a torn meniscus, all requiring surgery. Throughout this time, Dave not only worked hand in hand with her doctor and physical therapist, but he also devoted countless hours to working with her on an individual basis to make sure that she was doing exactly what was needed to be done, and that is was being done the right way.

Also, Dave’s background in physical therapy was an invaluable resource during her recoveries. It was Dave’s caring and individualized attention that got my daughter back to playing basketball. In fact, she not only made it back, but now as a senior, has had many college recruitment offers. I am quite confident in stating that without, Dave my daughter would not be where she is today. “

Barry Kronthal


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