Overcoming Adversity To Lead


Friday, November 27th @ 10:30 AM

Registration is FREE – Space is Limited

If you find yourself feeling down, depressed or not motivated to find your purpose in life, we want you to know that you are not alone! More youth are feeling this way every day and they don’t know where to turn for guidance.

Having the right form of leadership is critical in today’s world. Our leadership in America is fading and we are desperately in need of GOOD STRONG LEADERS! Our society needs an adjustment and it can start with YOU!

Come and join me Friday, November 27th at 10:30 am to hear from local athletes, coaches and adults on the struggles they have gone through in their life and how they overcame them, becoming productive members of society.

We have invited the following athletes to come speak:

  • Jaimie Thomas (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Mike Cox (Kansas City Chiefs)
  • Rodney Ramsey (Middletown H.S. Star)
  • And many more! (schedule subject to change)

Join us and learn from people who have been right where you are. Learn new techniques and skills to move forward and make a difference in the world today!