Located at 650 South Baltimore Street, Dillsburg, PA



4:00 & 6:00 pm

Monday – Thursday

$159.00 Recurring Monthly

Opening Special $99.00

– Unlimited Classes –

A class designed for all athletes to mitigate any injuries and improve your athletic performance. This class is structured to focus on key elements of sports performance. This is the most complete program where we will focus on the progress of each athlete to achieve his or her goals.

Plyo Preparation Period | Focusing on fundamentals of explosive and power movements (These include but are not limited to Medicine Ball, Plyometics, and Jump Training)

Athlete Movement Essentials | This focus is on working on basic fundamentals of speed, which include proper running mechanics, and proper exercise technique

Strength | Focus is on helping the athletes build a foundation of strength, mass, explosion, and power
depending on the season and demand of the sport.

And Much More!

Space is limited to 20 Athletes Per Class. After completing your payment, head over to {CALENDLY} to schedule your classes.

After Payment is complete, please visit CALENDLY to schedule your time.


4 Sessions $90.00
8 Sessions $160.00
12 Sessions $215.00

Get a group of your friends to come and work out at EXSP South with a trainer who will push you all to unleash your potential!

  • Customized workouts to meet the needs of each athlete.
  • Work on speed, strength, power and areas of concern.
  • Programs can be designed to help athletes return to a sport.
  • Only 8 Athletes Per Class

PLEASE NOTE: The number of sessions you choose must be used within a month from the time you sign up. Sessions cannot be carried over to the next month. Any remaining sessions will be forfeited at the end of the month.
4 Sessions
8 Sessions
12 Sessions



Game Speed 101

This class is based on how to use your speed in a game situation. We focus on the fundamentals of “speed” and movements required of athletes during competition which is:

  • Multi-Directional Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Re-Acceleration

All three components need to be used in all games no matter the sport or position your play.

If you are looking for that edge and how to properly become a faster more explosive athlete on the field, then the EXSP “Game Speed” class is the only one you need.

This class is based off the famous Coach Brix Agility Certification. You won’t find another speed class with these proven techniques to back it.

  • Class components:
  • Sprint Mechanics
  • Acceleration/Deceleration/Re-acceleration
  • Body control/balance
  • Reactive and Movement based techniques
  • Change of Direction
  • “Game Speed”
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