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Playing football in Europe is quite different than playing football in America. I am playing and coaching for the Steelers, a team that is part of the American Football Association of Finland. If it wasn’t for the physical and mental training I endured while training at EXSP, I would not have been able to overcome the effects of jet lag, dehydration, and exhaustion in my game two days after arriving in Finland. Training with Dave was the best decision I made when I came back home to train from college. I am now more explosive, stronger, and faster. Explosive Sports Performance is the real deal! Thanks DAVE!
Steve Jordan

Towson University/European Football League

After my freshman year at Robert Morris University and playing for their NCAA Division I Ice Hockey Team, I decided I wanted to maximize my potential and improve myself as a hockey player. From the first day I stepped in the gym, EXSP has provided me with the best opportunity to improve and develop the strength and quickness that I need geared specifically toward my sport. Dave Brixius and his staff kept me motivated and focused, while helping push me to that next level each and every day.
Nick Chiavetta

Robert Morris University

I have been attending EXSP since my senior year of high school going into college. EXSP helped me prepare for the transition from high school to college. It made me “Bigger”, “Stronger”, and “Faster” and I was one of the most prepared for an incoming freshman in my class. Now in my pro career, EXSP has kept me in shape and brings the best out of me each off-season. If you want to unleash your full potential, I would highly recommend EXSP because it has helped me and still is helping me unleash my potential.
Danny Lansanah

Linebacker, Green Bay Packers / Detroit Lions


explosive programs for serious athletes

The team at EXSP is continually working on new, innovative programs to take athletes to the next level. Click on program to register.

Programs at EXSP Main

  • Trainings with Coach Brix
  • Summer Game Speed Training
  • AMPT
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Lil’ Speed Beast

Programs at EXSP South

  • AMPT Class
  • Small Group Training
  • Gamp Speed 101 (coming soon!)

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Certified Trainers

The team at EXSP is made up of Certified Trainers and Coaches in several fields, all able to help you or your child explode on the field, on the court or simply move better in daily life activities. With coaches in all fields, we are sure that our team will be able to assist with your program needs.


Explosive programs

Two Locations. Outside Turf Field. Indoor Turf Running Area. You’ll find this and more at EXSP. All of the tools needed to help our clients unleash their potential. At EXSP we use very few machines, instead we focus  the training to mimic the environment experienced in your respective sport or activity.

Physical Therapy

EXSP helps our clients of all ages understand the importance of how the body works, how to improve it and how to transform it into the most dominate force on the planet. Let us teach you what you can do to help enhance your body each and every day. 


Rhythm Studio by EXSP


Rhythm Ride Classes


Spin / Barre Fusion


Booty Barre


Booty Barre Bounce


TRX Fusion

Group Training

Popular Programs

We offer many programs for teams and schools in the local PA region. Check them out here!

Game speed @ frozen ropes

EXSP is partnering with FROZEN ROPES to bring the EXSP Game Speed Program to their Palmyra facility. This program is open to all athletes.

Training with Coach Brix

Work one on one with Coach Brix. We have options for Zoom Calls or In Person Training. Book with your teammates or friends at a discounted price.

explosive jump code

Do you want to develop unbelievable height on your jumps? Do you want to be able to jump higher than you thought possible? Then NOW is the time to develop the CODE to unleash your jump potential!

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