Autism strength

Autism Strength is a program created to give the Autism community a chance to “Unleash Their Potential” as aspiring athletes when it comes to movement, and physical activity.  

Approximately 31% of adolescents with autism are obese. Along with this, there is an increase in Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other medical conditions resulting from a sedentary lifestyle, especially as they get older.

Autism Strength wants to change that. We want to help ALL athletes improve their quality of well being. We believe that movement is one of the key factors to adolescents feeling better about themselves and improving their quality of life.

We strive to:

  • Increase strength, stability and motor development for everyday life.
  • Help with socialization and communication.
  • Introduce the framework for play.
  • Decrease the medical conditions listed above, as well as anxiety and any potential depression symptoms.

Free Consultation

Sign up for our FREE consultation which includes a 30-45 minute discussion on different aspects of the athlete’s life specifically the physical, adaptive to the cognitive areas. We at Autism Strength want to get to know the athlete as well as possible before we begin.

Booking Sessions

Our One-On-One Training Sessions are available in three price ranges, 1 Session for $50, 4 Sessions for $190 or the BEST VALUE 8 Sessions for $360. Please note that all sessions must be completed in the month they are purchased.

After completing payment, please book your time slot(s) using the link below:

Free Assessments

Assessments of the athlete’s physical ability will be measured throughout the athletes training sessions. We follow the Physical, Adaptive and Cognitive (PAC) profile that allows us to go through 15 different exercises over a period of time.

The first few sessions are to build trust with the athlete within a low stress, low anxiety environment.

One-On-One Training

Our private one-on-one sessions can be provided in-home (subject to availability), or at our facility, Travel fees may apply for sessions occurring outside the Harrisburg area. These sessions consist of 35-40 minutes of training.

Group Classes

Small Group classes are for those who have had at least 3-6 months in our one on one training program and feel that group classes are appropriate. (This is determined by the trainer, athlete and parent/caregiver). Classes are designed to work on strength/movement skills and gives the athlete the opportunity to interact socially with others. The goal is to increase interaction and social engagement with all different types of people.

Please download, print and fill out the Athlete Information Form before coming in to EXSP. We want to help know and understand your child as best we can!