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Prevent Unecessary Knee Problems, Ankle Issues or ACL Tears

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Are you at risk for knee problems, ankle issues or even worse, an ACL tear? Many times we go through our athletic careers not knowing we have a weakness until it is too late. That is why we are passionate about making people aware, if you are at risk, and what can be done about it.

Included in your FREE ASSESSMENT:

  • Timing in the 10 Yard Dash and Pro-agility Drill.
  • Testing in the Broad Jump and Vertical Jump.
  • Video analysis of the Squat.

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What To Look For With Broad Jump

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Everything you get in the FREE ASSESSMENT above PLUS:

Video Analysis of Athlete Running
from Different Angles

Broad Jump Video Analysis

Advanced Assessment add-on only $45.00

Everything you get in the FREE ASSESSMENT and BASE ASSESSMENT PLUS:

Video Analysis of the Single Leg Squat, Side Shuffle Drill, and Vertical Jump

Also included, Manual Muscle Test/Flexibility Test