Deceleration training

Deceleration is getting an object to slow down from it’s speed. Cars do it when they approach a stop sign or red light. Athletic balls also decelerate when they lose momentum. Human Beings do it, but with humans they need to do it correctly or they will hurt themselves or cause an injury to themselves or someone else. Most knee injuries occur during the deceleration phase of the movement.

So the question I pose to most trainers, coaches, and athletes is why do we not take time to learn how to decelerate the body correctly? We learn how to accelerate; work top end speed, explosion, power, quickness and much more but very few programs are designed with deceleration in mind.

Throughout the next couple of weeks I will be posting video on how to perform the deceleration technique the correct way with a split squat stance. There are also other positions that you can decelerate into which I will cover at a later time.

Just for you to understand how important deceleration is to me I usually spend over half of my training sessions on deceleration. Why? Because not only can it help prevent against injuries but it also sets the body up for the next phase of movement. Whether it is a sprint, backpedal, side shuffle or even a 45 degree sprint. Learn how to perform this correctly and you will see major improvements in your athletic performance.

Part 3 is taking a jog and then breaking down into the correct position
Part 4 is on sprinting and then breaking down into the correct position

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