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EXSP West Shore

3608 Hartzdale Drive
Camp Hill, PA 17011-7217
(717) 571-1262

Join Us at Our New Location – CAMP HILL



EXSP will be setting up a West Shore location at the Camp Hill Sports Center located right next to Monkey Joe’s. Group Sessions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and Saturday mornings. Register today and book your group sessions!

8 Group Sessions – $145.00

12 Group Sessions – $195.00

Mondays & Wednesdays

January 8th – February 28th

7:15 – 7:55 pm
Ages 7 – 14
$159 for all 16 Sessions
$99 for 1 Month Sign Up
$15 for Drop In Class

Introduction to Game Speed

This class stresses the importance of improving your “Game Speed” so you can dominate on the field.

Benefits you will receive from being in this class:

• Improved Running Mechanics
• First Step Acceleration
• Change of Direction
• Agility
• AND Better Game Speed!

This class will teach athletes how to move on the field to become better. The system is based off of the Coach Brix Certification of the Acceleration, Deceleration and Re-acceleration (ADR) system.

DO NOT be fooled by programs that do not address the needs of the ADR system.

December 28th @ 7:00 pm 



All McDevitt Baseball Athletes:

Free Athlete Assessment @ EXSP 

Are you at Risk for knee problems, ankle issues or even worse, an ACL tear? Many times we go through our athletic careers not knowing we have a weakness until it is too late. That is why I am passionate about making people aware, if you are at risk, and what can be done about it.

Sign up for a FREE EVALUATION/ASSESSMENT at EXSP, December 28th at 7:00 p.m. The assessment is on a first-come, first-serve basis. After the assessment, you will be able to ask questions of the coaches.

YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER!! We need to know how many coaches to have available for the session.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to get your child assessed before it is too late. We can REVERSE the trend of ACL’s happening to athletes of today. Get your FREE SCREENING at EXSP.


The perfect gift for the fitness lover in your life!



Camps & Clinics

Explosive Training Programs

Female Training Classes

Years of Experience

I have been attending EXSP since my senior year of high school going into college. EXSP helped me prepare for the transition from high school to college. It made me “Bigger”, “Stronger”, and “Faster” and I was one of the most prepared for an incoming freshman in my class. Now in my pro career, EXSP has kept me in shape and brings the best out of me each off-season. If you want to unleash your full potential, I would highly recommend EXSP because it has helped me and still is helping me unleash my potential.

Danny Lansanah

Linebacker, Green Bay Packers / Detroit Lions

 Seasonal Training

Vertical Jump

Do you want to be able to dunk with ease?  Want to add up to 6 inches to your vertical jump in just 6 weeks? Then get involved with the EXSP vertical jump program.  Learn how this one stretch can help prevent against jumpers knee.  Also receive a crazy calf routine to help strengthen and improve you jumping.


Learn the Olympic Lifts
Doing an exercise wrong is worse than not doing it at all.  These courses will help you understand how to perform the Olympic lifts, (Power Clean, Snatch, and Clean and Press) correctly.  Learn how to explode with each movement, dominate the weight.  This is the one class you need to perform the exercise correctly, avoid injury, and develop explosive techniques.
Alpha Dog
Do you feel you have what it takes to be the top dog?  Do you want to challenge yourself to be the best you can be? EXSP Alpha Dog is the best combination of strength, power, explosion, speed, conditioning and overall fitness you can ask for. Compete with other hardcore athletes and push yourself to be better than you thought possible.  Win the competition and be crowned the top Alpha.
Combine Prep
Are you running the best 40 at every competition?  Do you want to learn a secret to improve your pro-shuttle time?   This prep course is probably the most important course a high school football player can take.  Your times could mean the difference between simply making the team and being a scholarship athlete.  Learn how to get off the line with more explosion on the 40 yard dash, how to turn with precision and accuracy on the shuttle, and explode with your vertical jump.
Gridiron Will
SIGNING UP for this program you will learn what it takes to become a leader on your team. GRIDIRON WILL is designed for molding football players into an UN-STOPPABLE and DOMINATING FORCE!

Become the complete ATH-ELITE with this great 7 Week Training Program. This workout is for the self-driven and self-motivated!


EXSP Programs

Please print and fill out the Registration Form prior to attending one of our clinics or camps.


Female Training with Ashley

If you’re wanting more, but not at the extreme athlete level, visit with Ashley Brixius for Female Training at EXSP.

  Personal Training

EXSP Programs
Personal Training
EXSP’s personal training packages are individualized workout programs that change every 4-6 weeks. You will also have access to EXSP trainers, who are certified in strength and conditioning, to help you through each technique and answer any questions you may have about training effectively. Our trainers are all experienced professionals, trained in kinesiology or strength and conditioning, and are all passionate about helping you reach your goals

One-on-one personal training is available with Dave, Ashley, Heather or Zech. You will receive personal attention to coach you and help achieve your athletic goals. You will schedule a time during the week with your trainer to improve your performance. Individual, 6 session and 12 session packages are available.
Small Group Training
Get a group of your friends to come and work out at EXSP with a trainer who will push you to unleash your potential.

To sign up for monthly memberships, click the link below.


And we’ll see YOU in the gym!