This time of year many people think of giving. Giving money to a charity, buying a present for a friend, neighbor, a colleague, or just giving of one’s time to help at a soup kitchen. While we should do this all year long not just at Christmas time; I also want you to think about taking. Taking the opportunity to be a better person. A person who takes the gifts that are given to them and uses them for good of helping others and doing right in the world. I speak many times to the youth that I work with that we need to be more productive members of society. Far too often too many of us allow life to pass us by. We don’t make difficult decisions because we are afraid of failure so we just play it down the middle and don’t do anything. We need to get off the fence and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to us. We need to take control of our life so we can better society. The time is now as society continues its downward spiral we can reverse the trend and do something about it, but we need to act now and take back our own life first so we can then help many others around the world start to take back theirs and make society great once again.

Go out there and unleash that potential.

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