Who is closest to the perfect athlete?

Most people when I present this question have to think hard about it. They first think of professional athletes, maybe Michael Jordan, Barry Sanders, or Michael Phelps come to mind -the list could go on and on. I want to simplify this answer and make it as basic as possible. When we think of what is a perfect athlete, what exactly does that mean? To me it means having three things: mobility (being flexible), stability (making sure are joints are stable and are not too loose), and symmetry ( having both side being equal or as close to equal as possible). Now I hope I gave you enough clues so you can figure this out. If not, many of us will have to try and remember back to when you were a toddler. That is right a toddler around the 2-5 year age range would be classified as a perfect athlete under these three categories. They have great mobility, they have stability, and they for the most part are symmetrical. When I get up to speak to a group of people I typically ask that question and 99% of the time no one answers it correctly. In order to help athletes stay healthy for a longer period of time and to help them continue to improve their performance we need to focus on those three areas.
Over the next few weeks I will blog more about why we have pain and how we can fix it I will also speak on specific areas of the body that are more prone to injuries or pain because we do not take care of the body the way we should. If we started out being close to perfect then somewhere along the line we messed it up and that is a problem, so let EXSP help break down how we can get ourselves back to feeling great and moving our bodies in the right direction.

Let me know what you think?

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